3 Month Coffee Subscription

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3 Month Coffee Subscription

from 60.60

Choose from our handcrafted coffees.  One, two, three, or four bags per month.  

Awake O Sleepers - A juicy fruit, hints of green melon with a touch of earthy aftertaste.  All wrapped up in caffeine.  Origin:  Laos

Carpe Noctem - Queen of the Night - Beautifully sweet.  Floral with a hint of earthly wildness.  Origin:  Costa Rica

Hank's Darkerish - A darkish, rich, smoky cup with a smooth aftertaste.  Origin:  Blend Indonesian and Tanzanian

Not Your Mamma's Java - Our house blend coffee with smooth toffee, molasses, and chocolate notes.  This is a traditional medium blend.  Origin:  Bali

Tasmanian - A beautiful, bright coffee.  Tons of red fruit with an unbelievable sweet finish.  Origin:  Tanzanian

Up in Smoke - A medium blend coffee with smoky and cherry notes followed with a smooth finish.  Origin:  Indonesian


SHIPPING INFORMATION: To make sure you have the freshest roast, we will ship subscription orders on two dates per month.  Orders received between the first of the month and the 14th of the month will be shipped out by the 20th of that month.  Orders received between the 15th of the month and the last day of the month will be shipped out by the 10th of the following month.

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