Experience handcrafted teas and coffees in a friendly, neighborhood tea bar or purchase online at our Tea Shop or Coffee Shop or consider a Coffee Subscription and enjoy the same great taste at home. We also sell our teas and coffees in wholesale! Email or call us to make a purchase.




The Experience

We pride ourselves in the perfection of the pour over.  All teas and coffees, whether hot, iced or traditional style, are prepared as a pour over.  No espresso machines at the Tea Bar.  The process takes some time, but oh, is it worth the wait!

The Taste

At Seasonal Grounds, we only use all-natural flavors to tantalize your taste buds.  No syrups or artificial flavorings.  The teas are created with real fruit pieces, chocolate bits, coconut, nuts, and mint leaves.  Just to name a few of the many ingredients. And all coffee beans are freshly roasted in-house.


Growing Community

 Great teas and coffees are only the beginning.  We envision Seasonal Grounds Tea Bar as a place to grow community.  Whether bringing in family and friends to play one of our board games or to listen to a local musician each Friday from 7-9 PM or renting our back room for an event.